Introducing our new Smart Consolidation Platform, the most efficient, easy-to-use consolidation management tool on the market today!

Using the automated platform, you can simplify planning, visualize container space, and optimize consolidation efficiency.


Visualize containers with our free stuffing calculator. Choose your container size, enter pallet dimensions, mark unstackable items, and optimize shipping space.



Rate Management - 24/7 Online Quotes .

Each customer receives the price specifically designated for him..

  • Deliver automated price quotes to customers 24/7
  • Let us Implement your tariffs for you :) *60 Days FREE*
  • Deliver up to 20% more quotes each week!
  • Empower your (Super) Back office
  • Client’s online booking
  • Easily update customers online with any relevant information
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SCP - Smart Consolidation Platform. Eliminate manual processing and calculations through automated processes, leaving you more time to focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

  • Maximize utilization of container space
  • Manage consolidation with your agent
  • Upgrade shipment booking process
  • Track and manage your consolidations
  • Deliver automated price quotes to customers 24/7
  • Create multiple price lists for different customer segments
  • Manage your consolidation process from one place in real time
  • Full statistics on all your activities
Free 60 Days Trial!


Maximize container space while receiving accurate, detailed pricing from your preferred suppliers.

  • Free container stuffing tool
  • Improve work with your Forwarder
  • Receive real-time alerts from forwarder
  • Receive price quotes 24/7
  • Order services anytime through system
  • Increase efficiency of company employees
  • Track cargo
Free 3D Loading Calculator!

About us

ComTainer is a technology company empowering consolidators around the globe, using a smart consolidation management platform.
For the first time, the entire shipment cycle is live and online.

ComTainer has deep roots in the shipping and logistics industry. The company’s products introduce digital transformation to an industry that relies on Excel spreadsheets and manual processes to fill containers.

ComTainer is optimized logistics, providing digital tools that enhance communication between importers, exporters, forwarders, consolidators, traders and agents. We simplify price quotes, optimize containers, reduce mistakes, and improve efficiency by over 300%, enabling increased profits and automated processes throughout the industry.

Management team

Leveraging over 40 years of global shipment logistics to create a platform that works.
  • Yaron Per
  • Co-Founder and CEO

As a fourth-generation logistics professional, Yaron is an industry expert who served for more than 20 years in key roles in large and small freight forwarding companies, most recently as a business development director. Previously, Yaron served as head of regional transactions for leading freight forwarding companies, where he built logistics solutions, new trade lines, and implemented an IT system to support his company’s growing need for automation.

  • Oren Alony
  • Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer

During his 20 years at large freight forwarding companies, Oren served in key roles including Director of the Exports’ department at one of the largest freight forwarders companies in Israel. Oren has experience as Head of Operational Team and Director of Business Development and brings a clear vision to the ComTainer team based on his deep understanding of the industry.

  • Bezalel Racovsky
  • Co-Founder, CTO

Betzalel is a technology expert with broad experience in e-commerce development. Betzalel holds a BSc degree in Information technology, and has spent his career in the software development world. He built the original version flight booking website as well as their B2B flight booking systems. He has worked as the CTO for several gaming operations.


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The ultimate logistic and shipment platform

Use comtainer to manage the full logistic of your shipments from one place. Save time, money and effort. Increase your control and efficiency, and avoid any surprises along the way.

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